The Croatian government has committed itself to increasing foreign investment and took measures to improve the investment climate in the country. Tax reductions and employment incentives have been implemented to reach this goal.

5 Reasons to Invest in Croatia

  1. Croatia is a member of the European Union. You can import and export goods to other countries within the Union freely. Trade relations to countries within the EU are strict for non-members.
  2. Appealing tax incentives. Up to 0% profit tax up to 10 years in designated trade free zones, no customs for all EU member states, cash incentives of up €9000 for each newly created job and double taxation avoidance agreements with 55 countries makes foreign investment into Croatia highly appealing.
  3. Ideally located – all of Europe is accessible within 3 hours or less, making this an excellent choice for those interested in the manufacturing, tourism and logistics sectors.
  4. A stable legal system, particularly the laws concerning trade, business and commerce, and taxation is governed by The Companies Act of Croatia.
  5. High quality of life

Over 15 000 foreign companies have chosen to do business in Croatia and are enjoying competitive operational costs in the European marketplace, attractive tax incentives, 0% customs within the European Union and double taxation avoidance agreements with different countries. These companies also enjoy access to a highly skilled, multilingual workforce. BBH will be your gateway into this wonderful investment opportunity.

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Holiday Homes near Sibenik

We are building up-to date holiday apartments right next to the beautiful Adriatic Sea. With a ROI of 10 years only by rent and surging coastal land prices this investment will definitely be worth your time

Waterpark in Dalmatia

Have you ever dreamt of owning an amusement park. This dream could become true right in the tourism hub of Croatia.

Industrial Solar Panels

With our partners we can supply any building with latest technology solar panels. As South Eastern Europe lacks coverage of solar panels there is massive market potential in this area.

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