We are global experts providing organizations with a unique transfer of experience, network and knowledge. We solve business problems by building bridges. We connect people, companies and markets.


Bavarian Business Hub can navigate you safely through the uncertainty of scaling and sustaining your business. We are a reliable bridge towards the sustainable expansion of your business into the Central European market, helping you discover great opportunities and unique ventures.

We have a passion for solving challenges and can clear a path for you with an individual strategy, no matter your final goal, whether it be new markets, new talents, new partners or capital. Talk to us and we will listen.



Sales opportunities

Direct access to the biggest European markets through our BBH network



We have solutions for front end and back end development as well as software engineering



Our BBH Senior Experts support you with their know-how and experience



We establish direct contact to reliable Western investors


Online Services

We develop your social media channels and raise awareness for your company

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HR Services

We help you closing job vacancies by consulting and staffing

BBH Experts

“Knowledge is power,” this proverb embodies the value an expert network holds. Our Senior Experts have diverse backgrounds and extensive personal networks, facilitating the spread of intelligent data to produce innovative solutions. Companies may need specialized knowledge that is not available in their current team. Specialized knowledge that is only earned through years of experience. Through our Senior Experts the full potential of your business venture can be unlocked by tapping into an exclusive niche pool of specialized industry knowledge.


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Our offices are in Zagreb, Miramarska Cesta 24 and Munich, Moosacher Straße 82a.

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Croatia has limited markets, but more purchasing power exists in German markets. Through our expert network these untapped markets can be fully explored.

Citizens of EU Member States. For citizens who are not members of the EU the rule of reciprocity applies i.e. if a Croatian citizen can buy in that country then the citizens of those countries can purchase in Croatia.

The Company Act makes provision that domestic and foreign companies do business under equal footing.

Foreigners can easily register subsidiaries in Croatia and benefit from the advantages of such a business structure, like double taxation agreements, in compliance with the Commercial Code and the Companies Act.

Croatia has a Ba1 credit rating that was upgraded by Moody’s in November 2020. Strong economic growth, comprehensive structural reforms and stable political environment contribute to the positive credit rating.

Limited liability companies, joint stock companies, general or limited partnerships and sole traders are options available to foreign investors.

We do all the hard work, allowing you to take full advantage of the extensive BBH network and support platform.

Having an investor can help companies reach financial goals and expand into new markets. What set’s BBH’s Senior Expert network apart from the rest is that we pair skilled experts who have a drive and passion for business with clients. Clients benefit from years of hard-earned experience and an extensive ready-made network!

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