All about impressive One-Pagers

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One-pager is a powerful marketing asset and a brilliant way to describe the benefits of your business in a clear and concise form. It is an excellent opportunity to deliver an outstanding first impression, educate your customers, and increase brand recognition. Moreover, creating one-pager challenges you to analyze your company and estimate the overall business concept, the current state of affairs, goals, and financial requirements. With a one-pager, you present a full snapshot of your business in, well, one page.

Its general purpose is to intrigue the listener enough to want to hear the entire proposition in the near future.“


With an impressive one-pager, you will arouse interest and get people to notice your business and understand the key ideas. It will provide a simple way to communicate your concept to potential investors, convince them your venture is worthwhile and encourage them to ask for more information. You need a One-Pager to:

  • Provide a clear snapshot of your business in a noisy and content-saturated world.
  • Align with current consumer behaviors and attention spans.
  • Increase the chances of further engagement by prospects.
  • Convey your company’s value.

CONCISENESS AND CLARITY. You can use a one-pager to communicate your offering in correspondence due to its small format. The outline saves time and describes the core of your business.

CONVENIENCE. It is easier to edit one-pager than to update the overall business plan. You can publish the one-pager on your company’s website and keep the information up to date with minimal effort.


The fundamental elements of every compelling one-pager are content and design. It is essential to find the balance between text and images. Besides the main components, such as brand, logo, and positioning statement, you can include pictures, short customer testimonials, relevant metrics, and a call-to-action. Let us review the most critical elements of the one-pager in detail.

Helena Steinmueller

Helena Steinmueller