Our platform and expert network pairs experienced managers and entrepreneurs. Entering new, foreign markets starts with research to develop a plan, objectives and to gather background information. This can be a huge challenge for SEE-Entrepreneurs, but with BBH by your side and our SEE Headquarters in Zagreb, business growth and success is achieved through a unique mix of technology and knowledge.

BBH senior experts understand European markets, industries, languages, customs and policies and know how to build a bridge to those markets. Our global team of diverse experts, through an entrepreneurial approach, will help with building cultural bridges, excellent service, efficiently linking the right partners. We guarantee a high level of trust and back office support.

Our stance on research and innovation can help you to:

  • Scope the market objectively with insider knowledge
  • Identity competition and their strategies
  • Achieve awareness
  • Reduce risks through advice and guidance, based on experience through similar projects
  • Research helping to determine the need that exists for your product
  • Identify problems early on



We can establish direct contact to western investors. Our investor network is motivated to pass on their knowledge with passion and drive. Your entry into the SEE market rests comfortably on strong personal networks and efficient multiplicators. At BBH we believe passion has no age limit, our senior experts’
passion and spirit will overcome the obstacles your business face through proven industry experience.

Build up your Sales Network

Through our unique entrepreneurial approach your sales network will be supported through a global and diverse team of industry experts. We link you with the right partners who understand European markets, their industries, languages, customs and policies. We can help you unlock your full business potential.

Senior Expert Consulting

Entering a new, foreign market starts with research, a plan, objectives and an understanding of the common background. Our senior experts have a profound understanding of the business environment and years of experience at your disposal. Growing your business or entering a new foreign market is simplified through expert guidance.


Access a network of experienced senior experts to untap the full potential of your business. Start your success story today.

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