Bavarian Business Hub is a full-service search firm specialized in helping companies of all stages hire top talent in demanding markets.

Whether you’re looking for reinforcement during a phase of accelerated hiring or need to streamline recruiting operations, we deliver a custom approach and strategy to support your organizational goals. Moreover, we deliver what is needed the most: beds. We habe our oon department, that manages and organizes beds and accommodation for talents.

Our home market is Germany, but we also serve our clients in other countries of the EU. Therefore, we have strategic HUBS in Croatia, Bulgaria and Spain.


Recruitment as a service

  • Knowledge from more than 1,000 projects
  • 24 hours request handling
  • Backup for existing project resources
  • Swarm intelligence with an industry rating
With our BBH services you can customize your Recruiting-Team and save your costs. The result of more than 25 years of experience and lots of experts? A swarm intelligence that connects companies with external knowledge and gives individual experts in projects a further boost:

Build up your Sales Network

Through our unique entrepreneurial approach your sales network will be supported through a global and diverse team of industry experts. We link you with the right partners who understand European markets, their industries, languages, customs and policies. We can help you unlock your full business potential.

Senior Expert Consulting

Entering a new, foreign market starts with research, a plan, objectives and an understanding of the common background. Our senior experts have a profound understanding of the business environment and years of experience at your disposal. Growing your business or entering a new foreign market is simplified through expert guidance.


Access a network of experienced senior experts to untap the full potential of your business. Start your success story today.

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