Business Coaching

Business coaching is a process used to take persons or business from where they are now to where they want to be. A business coach will assist and guide teams, companies and people in everything that has to do with their job, business or company by helping clarify their vision and develop it´s in line with their goals.
It´s not the job of a business coach to teach a CEO, CIO, or CMO or any other member of the middle management. It´s the job of a business coach to work with the person on key skills like conflict management, prioritization, communication, and negotiation. Good coaching comes from within, not from the outside. And good coaching will result in better performance, elimination of “blind spots,” and a clear focus on success.


Failure rates for top executives are alarmingly high, and having to replace a C-level officer can be phenomenally expensive and disruptive. Ensuring a productive and long tenure in a C-level office is one of the reasons so many top companies invest in C-level coaching:

2 out of 5 new CEOs fail in their first 18 months on the job.

In the past two decades, 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs have lasted less than 3 years.

Top executives failure rate is as high as 75% and rarely less than 30%.

What companies and executives should expect from our Business Coaching

Business coaching can be the single most significant investment companies make in their people or business because it can develop the full potential of any C-Level manager benefitting him- or herself and the company.

Essentially, the coachees should expect coaching to help them use their strengths advantageously while working to overcome weaknesses in practical, measurable ways. After coaching, they should expect to perform better, handle stress better, and be better positioned to help take the organization in the direction it needs to go. (?)

How people and companies benefit from Business Coaching:

  • Development of full potential
  • Guidance in defining long and short term business goals
  • Strategic planning for the growth and sustainability for business
  • Professional advice designed to help gain valuable perspective
  • Creation and revision of different business operation tasks
  • Accountability for goal reaching in organizations
  • Recognize and go the steps to success 

Success begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

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The special thing about BBH mentoring programme:

Our Business Coaches are experienced business managers who pass on their knowledge to help the next generation of entrepreneurs. They seek the challenges new business ideas bring with them. BBH Senior Experts are experienced, unique, human and amazing!

BBH Business Coaches come from practice, not from theory. They look back to many years of successful experience. Most of them are still in active consulting business. They can provide valuable insight that will help develop long-term and short-term goals and strategies, as well as improve businesses in areas that one might have overlooked. 

Together we created a coaching programme that enables individuals to develop a long-term international network with other business owners, mentors, and experts.

Why you should hire a BBH Business Coach

BBH Mentors

  • Provide insights and give small pointers based on years of experience
  • Are a source of knowledge
  • Help set goals
  • Offer encouragement
  • Help make connections
  • Serve as a trusted ally and tell it like it is
  • Offer constructive feedback

Added Value

  • Identify strengths & weaknesses
  • Pursue dreams and visions
  • Unleash your potential
  • Improve productivity
  • Develop strong strategies
  • Improve decision making
  • Free guidance for your career

Get to know our Business Coaches

Axel Stadtelmeyer

After a long career as a business owner, manager and board member in the IT and education business, Axel created his own consultancy in 2018. He has since been

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advising and supporting other business owners in the design and implementation of business models, value propositions, go-to-market strategies, and organizational and people development.

Axel is a strong communicator and networker, and has vast experience in the international arena. He has been doing business in Germany, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Albania and Croatia. Axel is fluent in German and English, and has reasonable command of Italian, French and Spanish.

One of Axel’s mottos is: “Any decision you make for yourself is better than a decision others make for you.”

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Gerhard Renz

“I would like to use my international network to pass on my decades of experience to interested partners. In particular, I would like to fully support companies

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  that are new to the laminating process in setting up their own production as well as already established companies who want to optimize their production and insights into latest technology.” With a permanent readiness to absorb knowledge and experience, Gerhard believes that experience and the ability to learn from mistakes brings lasting success. Within the last 40 years he was responsible for all development stages of the production technology “surface coating”.

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Josef Weigl

“My experience is based in the HR-branch, especially temp and perm as well as MSP and VMS.” Josef knows the challenges of building a strong brand.

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For many people in administration or management it can be difficult to accept optimizations, however it is in the nature of engineers and technicians to actively engage in the continual development of processes and solutions and to apply the latest scientific findings to their thinking and actions.

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Jürgen Liebhart

“For over 30 years, I have supported business start-ups and market entries in Germany by companies from all over the world.” Jürgen is an expert in tax issues, consulting

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and auditing. He has been a licensed tax adviser since 1988 and a Certified Auditor since 1990. Since 2009 he has been the association’s delegate of IAPA International for the Brussels central organisation EGIAN of the mid-tier accounting profession.

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Dr. Matthias Wahl

An expert in international trade and expansion, greenfield investments, merger and acquisition and the restructuring of companies.  Matthias is skilled in finding customized solutions

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and simplifying complicated facts. “My colleagues and friends appreciate my helpful and very justice-loving nature, which always inspires me dealing very thoroughly and comprehensively with the concerns of my customers, colleagues, acquaintances and friends.”

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Nemanja Lazic

Nemanja is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive knowledge about diverse subjects. With a broadly based business background in information technology, software 

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and Blockchain, Nemanja is in a unique position to have an overview of different trends and innovations with a keen interest in astronomy, popular astrophysics and philosophy. “Every person frequently knows what is right thing to do in business or in life, the only difference is do we act on that sense or we ignore it and compromise. Stay humble in success, grow as a human and professional through failures. Help others and others will follow back.”

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Olaf Mahl

“My most important advice to someone for their professional career: “Be prepared to take risks!” Olaf is an experienced CFO / Managing Director with  proven implementation

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expertise whose ability to quickly and comprehensively understand the business situation and process enabled him to support and advise both national and international companies.

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Reiner Renz

“Try to work focusing on your strengths and try to network as much as possible.” Reiner’s courageous problem solving, high technical understanding and analytical

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perceptiveness allows him to think outside of the box, allowing him to develop many international relationships. He has a passion for people and would like to pass on his experience and knowledge to motivated individuals.

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Dr. Thomas Kapp

“I am like a catalyst that supports people in developing their potential and finding new professional and private perspectives and then implementing them effectively.” 

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Thomas applies his expertise in strategy consulting, personnel and business coaching, development of potential, motivation training and competition law to show clients possibilities for improvement.

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Walter Spindler

Having served in the German Armed Forces for over 44 years, most recently as a major general, Walter’s military career had the following highlights:

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  • Commander of the franco-german brigade,
  • Commander of the multinational brigade Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Commander of the German Army Training Command.

His military background shines through in his advice to those who want to be professionally successful: “100% commitment to the cause, discipline and diligence. Stand at the head of any organizational unit to serve, not to rule.”

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